Choosing the Right Light

Lumens, Not Always the Best Way to Compare

Lumens are not always the best way to compare products.

Most bulbs and tubes do not incorporate fixture reflectors or lens lose. This can reduce useable lumens by up to 60%!

Example: A 400w MH bulb may claim 36,000 lumens, however, after installed in some high bay aplications, only 22,000-26,000 lumens are available.

Understanding Efficacy

Efficacy, or lumens per watt, in the lighting field. In most existing light systems, and even some LED companies, offer the light source Efficacy (bulb, tube, emitter, ect.). This can be very decieving. The only way to compare products is by using the Full Fixture Efficacy. This includes the light source, driver losses, thermal, reflector, and lensing losses.

True Power Consumption

Finally, some companies offer the light source consumption as the wattage usage. This is even more deceitful. Much like efficacy, the entire fixture's consumption as a complete unit must be considered for a true power consumption rating.

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