GUV Sterilization System

UV-C/GUV (Germicidal Ultra-Violet) is an invisible light wave deep within the UV spectrum between 100-280nm (UV-C). It is a wavelength proven to destroy the DNA/RNA of Microorganisms quickly leaving them sterile, and rapidly killing them. Studies show wavelengths from 254-276nm, with the peak at 262nm has the quickest effect and the widest spectrum of microorganisms eradicating capabilities.

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Rapid Air Purifier & Light

This new air purifier and rapid antimicrobial system not only provides state of the art air purification with the ability to quickly kill viruses such as COVID-19, but it also incorporates a ceiling light to minimize the space required for separate light and air cleaner.


The light is a long life, highly efficient LED panel light that offers a variety of color light options (KELVIN), with very little maintenance needed.


The Air purifier is a multi-filter system offering several established processes, all in this single unit. It utilizes several layers of Hepa filtration to remove particulates even smaller than the size of Germs, Viruses, Bateria, and airborne spores. Any harmful microorganisms that somehow make it through the Hepa layers must then pass through a couple of layers of highly germicidal ionizing Nano-silver biological sterilizer. By this point, the virus ‘Kill-Rate’ efficacy is 90.08 - 99.99% in only 20 minutes!!! This is all just Prior to the remaining microorganisms now being subjected to very close contact with high energy 265nm of powerful UVC irradiation.


  • Kelvin (Light Color).

  • Safety occupancy sensor with an automatic kill switch.

  • Surface sterilizer requires PIR safety control.

  • DC input (standard: 120v AC input).


  • Constant multi-filter purification system.

  • Built-in flat panel light.

  • 3-layer HEPA filter and 2-layer Nano-Silver filter with UV-C sterilization.

  • Optional 40-watt UV-C surface blaster.

  • Cool, Neutral, and Warm light color options.

  • 99.99% kill rate in 20 minutes of microorganisms.

Finally...there is also a surface sterilizer option that can be added to the air purification/light combination, making this disinfectant product the most comprehensive system available on the market, giving it the ability to be connected to the Invictus Innovative Sterilization, ‘Occupancy Safety controller’, UVC Shut-Off sensor, or one of the other Invictus surface/air sterilizing products providing the capability of sterilizing an area of up to 300sf, or over 16ft X 18ft!

Finally, a system built for rapid disinfecting of the air, the surrounding area, and surfaces, incorporating a high efficiency LED panel light providing further convenience and built for long life, and minimal maintenance. The future of rapid sterilization, in a solution available today, and at a moment that could not be more timely.



Transportation Kit Examples

Here you will find examples of our Rapid Air Purifier & Light in cooperation with our UV Strip Kit.

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