UV Strip Kit

It all starts with Invictus’ UV-C Strip Lighting Kits.


Available in 2 and 4-foot lengths, with custom lengths available for special order, to meet your particular needs, be it big or small. At only 5.25 watts per foot, these UV strips won’t run up an electric bill.


  • Linking Types

  1. Direct Connector

  2. Wire Connector

  3. T-Connector


  • 265nm UV wavelength.

  • Extruded aluminum rails.

  • Low profile.

  • Multiple strips can be connected using any combination of connector types.

  • 2ft and 4ft standard, with custom lengths available.

  • Custom color for aluminum rails (default: silver/aluminum).

Transportation Kit Examples

Here you will find examples of our UV Strip Kit at work. Opportunities for transit installation.





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GUV Sterilization System

UV-C/GUV (Germicidal Ultra-Violet) is an invisible light wave deep within the UV spectrum between 100-280nm (UV-C). It is a wavelength proven to destroy the DNA/RNA of Microorganisms quickly leaving them sterile, and rapidly killing them. Studies show wavelengths from 254-276nm, with the peak at 262nm has the quickest effect and the widest spectrum of microorganisms eradicating capabilities.

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