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How much will I save by switching to LEDs?

Savings depend on multiple variables that vary from customer to customer. The cost of kilowatt-hour from your electricity provider, and their possible rebates for saving, the consumption of current lights in place, which LED fixture you will be switching to, and many others. The average savings are typically 60-80%.

I've heard of problems with lighting companies not standing by their warranties. Is Invictus different?

Yes! Invictus Lighting takes pride in standing behind our products and clients. Should you have an issue, we will do everything in our power to make things right. A happy customer is our goal.

How do I choose an equivalent LED?

Refer to our LED Education page. The information there should answer most of your questions. For problems not discussed, feel free to contact us, or your local Invictus Dealer.

Will I be eligible for a rebate?

Rebates for companies changing to LED lighting are offered in many areas by power companies, and government agencies. In most cases the products you wish to use must meet certain criteria and are usually product listed as Energy Star or DLC approved. You must contact your power supplier for more details.

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