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Street Light

Replacement Safety Collar

Innovative New Technology

Rapid Street Light

Replacement Safety Collar

The new Invictus Lighting ‘Rapid Street Light Replacement Safety Collar’ is a product specifically designed to eliminate the risk of Streetlight Installer electrocution.

Once installed, it encapsulates the electrical power deep within the collar making it virtually impossible for an accidental shock. After the initial installation, the product greatly reduces Bucket-time, which also greatly decreases labor time, which in turn reduces the possibility of a vehicle hitting the Bucket Truck while deployed. This collar allows a single, lesser certified, lower expense installer to be utilized to rapidly replace a streetlight fixture without help from a second person. Finally, it also eliminates the possibility of bees/wasps entering the pole neck, or the streetlight, and making nests within, thus removing the risk of anaphylactic shock due to bee stings.


It is unobtrusive, easy to install, built to last, and offers another unique option. For municipalities and other areas in which custom event and holiday decorations and lights are mounted onto the light poles/posts, the ‘Rapid Streetlight Replacement Safety Collar’ offers a low voltage return supply from the light. The Safety Collar can be purchased with the options of having a low voltage power socket directly on the collar for event/holiday lighting, or outfitted with a low voltage cable from the collar that can be routed back down the pole/post, to a more accessible location on the pole/post for easier connection and disconnection of said event/holiday lights. This system utilizes inherently fire and ‘shock’ safe Class II circuitry, with power limiting controls.

Once the collar is installed, if using the streetlight fixtures designed for the attachment to this device, labor time is cut to a fraction, and a fixture can be replaced in seconds with no tools required. An optional emergency safety lanyard can be added if desired. With a simple squeeze of the release lever, the existing light can simply be pulled off which immediately disconnects the power to the fixture, and the replacement light can quickly slide into place within the collar until an audible click is heard and felt. At that point, the light is locked into place, and the power is automatically reconnected and is immediately functional.

It is designed with a seal on the pole side (mounting section of the Collar), as well as a seal on the light-receiving end of the Collar, allowing no entry point for insects such as bees and wasps to gain access to the pole, the collar, or the light fixture, thus eliminating the liability of installers getting stung, or worse, suffering an anaphylactic reaction.


  • Easy Install

  • Replace/Repair Fixtures with Rapid Fixture Exchange

  • Prevent insect nest

  • Eliminates accidental electrocution during fixture maintenance and replacement

  • One size fits most pole applications

  • Optional low voltage outlet for event and holiday lighting

This is a product that is the perfect solution for addressing and eliminating issues that have had to be dealt with since the beginning of streetlights themselves.


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