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An Industry Game-Changer

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A true Game-Changing concept in lighting design and installation.

Primarily developed to create a new avenue into the ‘New Construction’ lighting Industry. It will save between 68% to 74% in materials and labor, providing a competitive advantage to the contractor. This is because with our system all wiring to any of our lights, our switches, dimming units, and sensors is low voltage and require no conduit, junction boxes, or AC power cables. In fact, the installation of most of the components in our system does not require tools, and light fixtures don’t need to be opened for wiring.

Primary Power Module and optional Emergency Battery Backup:

  • The system starts with our highly efficient power supply module. It is the only piece of the system that requires a Junction Box. This module is unique as, it also contains Invictus’ Patented Watt controller set with our handheld monitor, allowing every module to be set at a power level that cannot be exceeded even if used with our wall dimmers, giving the contractor a way to predict the exact power savings level to provide a worst-case, and accurate Return On Investment (ROI). If dimmers are used the ROI just gets better.

  • This system is also the only product anywhere that allows the customer to choose to add an Emergency Battery Power Backup from Invictus, and it requires no extra wiring! There is no need to run secondary control wires to every 3rd light, and this system is safer. ALL lights on the circuit become Emergency lights, not just every 3rd light. Simply press the Battery Backup against the power module, attach 2 screws, and...Backup system complete!!! There are 3 outputs for lighting. Any single output or all 3 can be used as needed. 

  • Best of all, this module has the ability to power one, two, or even three offices at the same time. Better than that, each room is autonomous. Each set of lights in each room can be turned ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’, as well as they can be dimmed at various light levels without interfering with the adjacent rooms on the same module.

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  • The Battery backup uses Lithium Iron Phosphate power for safety and provides enough energy to power up to 10 lights at approximately to 465 lumens per light, or the equivalent of a 40 incandescent bulb at every fixture, and providing well over the 90-minute minimum requirement.

Light Fixture information and fixture types:

The Invictus Multi-Fixture Lighting System means just that, you are not locked to just one fixture type. At present we will be offering or newest Frame Light Troffers, our new back-lit Panel lights, our Volumetric Center Basket Troffers, several downlight options, as well as custom fixtures. Every light is equipped with one of each of our Cam-lock easy connect male and female pigtails for low voltage connection; the second pigtail can be utilized to leapfrog from one light to the next quickly and easily. You can use several types of light fixtures with a single power module. The options are vast and growing.

Remote Power, Multi Fixture Light System Optional Components:

The Multi-Fixture system offers several optional products to make the system even more attractive. 

1. The Low Voltage Standard ‘ON’/’OFF’ wall switch.   

2.  Invictus ‘Dim2Off’ wall dimmer.

3.  Invictus ceiling-mounted, low voltage occupancy sensor.

4.  Invictus wall-mounted occupancy sensor that can replace the Standard ‘ON’/’OFF’ switch or can be used in conjunction with the ‘Dim2Off’ wall dimmer.

This is one of, if not the most revolutionary and comprehensive system money can buy. It was directly designed to create the most cost-effective and innovative lighting system available anywhere. It is built to be simple to use, easy to install, able to be utilized in virtually any situation, and quite inexpensive to buy when an entire light project, material, labor, and power savings are taken into account, making for a rapid ROI. The new Patented, and Patent Pending Invictus Lighting Remote Power, Multi-Fixture Lighting System is truly the evolution of Lighting, available today!

Modulux Features

  • No additional 'hard-wiring' beyond the primary power module 

  • No tools required for fixture installation. 

  • Plug & Play 

  • One power module operates multiple fixtures 

  • One power module can light multiple rooms 

  • Quick emergency backup with no additional wiring. 

  • One battery module powers up to 12 fixtures 

  • Several light fixture options 

  • Occupancy sensors can be used anywhere within the system. Operate one light, or the entire system 


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