Watt-Selectable Flat Panel (2x2, 1x4, 2x4)

Kelvin (Light Color)
  • LED drop-ceiling flat panel light fixtures featuring our patented watt selectable control system, and some of the highest efficacies available for flat-panel lighting. It eliminates the risk of purchasing & installing the incorrect fixture wattage or light output. Should more, or less, illumination be desired, simply adjust the fixture for the correct power/light level. These are the only flat panel lights available that allows for maximizing savings and optimizing of the ROI.  Light is clean and uniform throughout the entire fixture It can be used as a direct replacement of existing fluorescent troffer lights, or for new construction installation. They are universal voltage input (120-277vac), and are housed in a thin profile, sturdy structure assuring easy installation and are excelent when extra clearance is required due to HVAC, pipes, and beams that interfere with mounting depth. The perfect troffer solution!


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