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The most advanced LED recessed troffer fixture on the market. It can be ordered with Smart Sensor control, allowing for even greater power savings. It includes 0-10v, 1-10v, and, PWM dimming functions and incorporates Invictus Lighting's patented watt selectable control system, making this the only troffer available with the ability to quickly set or reset the luminaire max wattage and light output at the fixture level. If more, or less, light is needed, it can be adjusted on the spot by simply selecting the wattage desired. This also allows for optimizing, and accurately calculating, and even modifying the time line of of the ROI. Easily install in T-bar ceiling, solid ceilings, or as a pendant (using appropriate kits). All components are accessible from below the ceiling plane. The LED emitter panel and driver can easily be replaced and is even future upgradeable! Offered with air venting for use with ductless HVAC. The new series 2 model adds the benefits of much higher efficacy, and with the watt controller hidden within the housing to prevent unauthorized adjustment of the system, and has a new U- groove design which resists debris and insects from being trapped in the lens.

Watt-Selectable LED Volumetric Troffer

    • Wattage and output can be set /reset to achieve desired power/light level
    • Designed and Assembled in the USA
    • Allows power settings for maximizing Return on Investment (ROI)
    • Component access from underside
    • Generates very little heat and, no UV/IR radiation or hazardous mercury
    • Works with 0-10 & 1-10V dimmers, PWM dimmer, and (most) 10v smart sensors
    • Ductless HVAC venting
    • Surface Mount and pendant options available (5.5-Inch depth)
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