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This new Patented Down Light product can be used in any situation a recessed can-type fixture is desired, or an existing recessed can light is to be replaced. It is one of the most user-friendly recessed fixtures available on the market. It does not require a can type housing or extra bracketry and is able to be installed in almost any ceiling (including drop ceilings with appropriate Invictus kit) with as little as 4.75” clearance! This fixture offers universal voltage (120v-227v) input or line dimming options. It eliminates the risk of purchasing the incorrect size fixture. This new concept allows a single downlight fixture to fit and replace a multitude of existing size downlight openings. It can be used in ceiling openings from 5” to 8” or 6” up to 12.5” (For HID). A true “One Size Fits All” solution that provides a long lifespan, aesthetically pleasing design that is installer friendly and environmentally sound.

Watt-Selectable LED Universal Fit Recessed Downlight

  • LED drop-ceiling flat panel light fixtures featuring our watt selectable output control system, offering some of the highest efficacies available for flat-panel lighting. No more worrying if the correct choice of output was chosen. Should more, or less, light is desired, simply adjust the fixture for the watts needed; offering accurate calculations for ROI. It is a direct replacement of existing fluorescent troffer lights, or used as a new construction installation. Our light panels are universal voltage (120-277vac). Housed in a sturdy construction and thin profile to assure easy installation, allowing extra clearance for tight locations where HVAC and beams interfere with mounting location. The future of commercial lighting is available now.

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