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This new concept in bay light technology takes high-efficiency lighting to a new level. Utilizing Invictus’ Patented Watt Selectable Control System allowing a single fixture to replace a range of existing lights. If more, or less light is desired, it can be adjusted on the spot. It allows for the maximizing and optimization of the ROI and eliminates the risk associated with choosing, purchasing, and installing incorrect wattage fixtures. It greatly reduces energy cost, the unit size, while increasing light output and unit lifespan. This luminaire can be used for interior and exterior applications such as for warehouse, gymnasiums, floodlighting, mast, and sports lighting uses. This product will provide many years of worry-free illumination in an aesthetically pleasing, very heavy-duty construction. All these advantages, and environmentally friendly.

Watt-Selectable LED UFO

    • Wattage and output can be set /reset to achieve desired power/light level
    • Maximizes Return on Investment (ROI)
    • High strength designMultiple mounting options
    • Generates very little heat and, no UV/IR radiation or hazardous mercury
    • Works with 0-10 & 1-10V dimmers and (most) sensors
    • Reduces energy cost up to 80%
    • Several distribution options
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