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This  drop-ceiling light fixture offers a unique, custom appearance. These new lights are the easiest, quickest drop ceiling light fixtures on the market today, which greatly reduces labor costs, thus improving ROI even further. They feature Invictus Lighting's patented watt selectable control system, with high efficacies. It eliminates the risk of purchasing & installing the incorrect fixture wattage or light output. Should more or less illumination be desired, simply adjust watt-selector for ROI, as well as for the correct power/light level. With the ability to custom tune each area for the illumination. 10v wall dimmers can be used, however the watt selector limits the max output to the preset level.  Light is spread throughout the entire fixture which minimizes glare. It can be used as a direct replacement of existing troffer lights, or for new construction installation. They are universal voltage input (120-277vac), and are housed in a thin profile, excellent when extra clearance is required above the ceiling due to HVAC, pipes, and beams that could interfere with mounting depth. The perfect troffer solution for virtually any situation.

Watt-Selectable LED T-Bar Frame Light

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