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Department of State (DoS) Washington DC

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Invictus Lighting was contacted by Pepco who requested a drop ceiling troffer light fixture that could meet, or exceed, all specifications from the US Department of State. At the time, DoS preliminary offered the project to a large lighting supplier. Two requirements were not met by this supplier. We were given the specifications list, and our troffer fixture was already closer to spec than the other supplier. Also, the other supplier was having issues controlling their product with the selected brand computer lighting control system.

We were asked if we could offer a troffer that would work with the selected control system. We were informed it was a 0-10V/1- 10V dimming control. We were later asked if we could offer our expertise to figure out why no light products appeared to work with the selected control system. After direct discussions with the controls supplier, we realized they had hoped to create a control system that would force the customer to have no choice but to purchase their brand lighting products. We recommended that the DoS change the spec to Invictus’ new 1-10v dimmers. We were also asked to develop new exterior recessed downlights to replace their existing 100W Metal Halide (123W with ballast) exterior, under eave lighting. Pepco suggested that we offer our 28W recessed, large-size universal fit downlights. After we evaluated all aspects, we determined it would only require our 18W version, but with a clear lens to allow the light to travel further. We sent the 18W with the explanation that we were out of the 28W, but if they could install the 18W version just to verify the fitment, and to make sure the 75° clear lens setup would be the correct distribution, it would help the process move quicker.

We were contacted within a week and told to disregard the request for the 28W version, as the 18W was perfect. 18 watts to replace their 123W HID recessed eave lights is an amazing 85% energy savings!

Then we were asked by Pepco to provide our interior recessed 11W downlights to replace twin tube 36W fluorescent downlights. The DoS told Pepco they had preliminary chosen a large supplier’s 16W downlights to replace the 36W existing lights. Pepco asked the DoS to evaluate Invictus’ 11W downlights instead of the 16W downlight. The DoS agreed to evaluate it, so we sent the 11W universal-fit recessed downlight for the DoS to assess. A few weeks later, Pepco contacted us saying the DoS had asked to evaluate Invictus’ 7W version instead of 11W. A few days later, we sent a 7W version. A few weeks later Pepco called to apologize. The DoS requested even lower intensity, and we submitted a 5W version. This was the fixture chosen for the project.

When calculated, it was determined that the 5W version of our 11w LED Universal Fit Downlights would provide a savings of 86% over the existing 36W fluorescent recessed downlights, as well as nearly 70% power savings over the competitor’s 16W LED downlights.

Pepco and the DoS realized that choosing to replace the DoS existing fluorescent fixtures with Invictus LED high efficiency interior and exterior recessed downlights offers a combined energy savings of 85.5% (85% exterior and 86% interior). A few months ago we were requested to bid the same products for the DoS phase 2 project. We will be offering upgraded versions of the same fixtures now meeting the newest, more stringent performance requirements of DLC 4.2 Premium lighting specifications. We were granted this contract as well.

Fixtures used for this project:

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