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Training Pool Lights Great Lakes, IL

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Dontractors, a contractor for an ESCO, contacted us with requirements that no other lighting group had anything to offer to meet the demanding specs. Additionally the site could not provide current fixtures to use as a template. The only thing they could provide would be hand drawn dimensions of the fixture openings, likely because this was for a secure facility. We found out later it was for the Great Lakes Naval Station in Illinois and, it was for custom LED retrofit fixtures for a pool used by the Navy Seal Teams for training. The specs were as follows:

  1. Must have equivalent light output as the two types of existing custom up-lights. (Must be up-lights to eliminate glare on the water).

  2. Type 1 – A dual bulb, Metal Halide, 930w, compact light requiring over 30,000 lumens (we provided 37,500 lumens).

  3. Type 2 - A single bulb, Metal Halide, 465w ultra compact light needing 15,000 lumens or higher (we provided 18,750 lumens).

  4. Must be an easy conversion (Difficult to develop without having a fixture).

  5. Must save 60% power minimum (ours was nearly 70%).

  6. Must be UL and DLC listed for rebates (accomplished)

In a matter of weeks, and allowing for receiving incorrect measurements, we created the prototypes from plastic (for the initial test) with fully adjustable mounting brackets, anticipating several incorrect measurements. This allowed the prototypes to be manipulated during the test installation so as to guarantee the proper fit. To the customer’s amazement, the prototypes fit perfectly. We were then commissioned to build fully functional retrofits from aluminum, and we sent both the 465w and the 930w LED conversions for evaluation. After passing the final assessment, we were awarded the project. The retrofits had met or exceeded all specifications and, as the retrofits provided more illumination than was requested, our patented watt selector control gives the client the ability to adjust the light output and power consumption at each individual light fixture, giving the client the capacity to customize the lighting in any area of the installation to meet their needs.

Fixture used in this project

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