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Rock Barn Country Club Conover, NC

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Invictus was approached by Mr. Tom Shea who made us aware that Rock Barn Country Club of Conover, NC (in which Mr. Shea was a member) was looking to replace their fluorescent lighting in their gym and yoga rooms. We met with representatives of the country club to evaluate their needs and make a recommendation.

Club representatives pointed out that they had to use surface mounted fluorescent kits as there was not enough space above the drop ceiling to install the standard fluorescent fixtures. Some areas above the ceiling had as little as 2” of clearance. The kits they had to incorporate for the lighting were protruding downward from the ceiling surface. These protruding fixture kits were attached to the drop ceiling, giving an ungainly appearance that made the lighting seem as though it was a second thought, and stood out very noticeably. For a solution, we suggested our flat-panel “skylight” fixtures which require only 1.75 inches clearance. By using this fixture, the club could remove the surface-mount kits altogether, thus creating a far more pleasing flush-ceiling, giving a much cleaner lighting appearance. The “skylight” creates better light distribution and eliminates the “cave effect” that is so common when using Fluorescent tube light fixtures with parabolic lensing.

Rock Barn was able to remove 10% of the existing 106W 2x4 lights while replacing the remaining 106W 2x4 fixtures with the Invictus 40w 2x2 “skylights”. They then chose to set the power consumption of each fixture to only 20W per light. This was a power savings of more than 81%!

We were then shown the two yoga rooms. One Yoga room used seven 2x4 fluorescent 4100K tube light fixtures, plus two 2x4 fluorescent light fixtures using Black-light tubes for ‘setting the mood’. Our solution was to replace the nine 106W 2x4 fixtures with only four of our 50W RGBW 2x4 (color change and white) flat-panel fixtures. We included 2.4 GHz remote controls to adjust the color and output intensity of the lights. Not only did this provide the light needed, it provided an inspirational yoga room atmosphere. The same lighting was chosen for the second Yoga room. This choice of lighting to replace the fluorescent white and Black-lights fixtures offered approximately 80% in power savings!

The project was such a success, we were later invited back to quote the Rock Barn Country Club’s kitchen, halls, and break area.

Fixtures used in this project:

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