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Horry County SC

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Horry County hired Pepco to determine how their County could lower energy cost regarding HVAC, Insulation, Refrigeration and Lighting within the court facility. It was determined that Horry County wanted to convert all the lighting to LED in the Court. They decided to begin by replacing their fluorescent tube drop ceiling troffer lights. Typical in most lighting projects, they concluded they would need various output fixtures to replace the 2 tubes, 3 tube, and 4 tube existing fixtures, with various wattage replacements. They required 3 troffer replacements of different wattages.

Pepco wanted Invictus lights because they knew that we had just developed our patented watt selector control, offering the capability for each individual light fixture to be set at a desired power level and light output. Instead of purchasing 15w, 25w ad 35-40w, LED Troffer replacements, and risking the purchase of incorrect output fixtures, a single Invictus fixture can be set at any of those levels to achieve the same results. Even if the wrong wattage is selected, with the Invictus products, they can simply be reset at any time, to any output, within a wide range, making the project a far easier operation, offering the ‘peace of mind’ of knowing you chose the correct wattage, no matter what that wattage may be. As well, they had openings in the ceiling from various sized recessed downlights. The previous recessed lights were in sizes of 5”, 6”, 7” or 8”. Instead of purchasing the competitors recessed replacements in all the listed sizes, the Invictus universal mount recessed downlights will fit all the stated openings with a single product, greatly simplifying the installation process, saving labor and eliminating the risk of choosing the wrong size downlights.

Pepco chose to use our flat panel troffer replacement fixtures, and our universal fit downlights. The installation went so well, providing all the requested specifications for the various areas in which the lights were utilized, the project was completed ahead of schedule.

The contractor is usually met with issues from the client regarding too much light in one area, and/or not enough in another, which is then followed by replacing a percentage of the newly installed fixtures with other lights to meet the client’s concerns. With our flat panel troffer replacements, if they run into such a situation, they only needed to send one of their installers to re-set the fixture output to meet the client’s desire. This is done in only minutes, with no additional fixtures to be purchased or replaced. As well, instead of realizing they purchased the incorrect percentage of 5”, 6”, 7” or 8” downlights to fit the existing opening of the previous fixtures, and needing to reorder the correct ratio, our universal fit downlights fit all those opening with a single product, saving time, money and inconvenience. The court facility project was completed with such success that, Horry County decided to replace all the lighting in all their Government facilities of the county with our products.

Regarding reliability of these standard Invictus products, out of thousands of fixtures sold in 2014, as of May, 2018 we have had no failures of our downlights, and we just received notice of the first failure of a driver on one of the flat panel lights. This is a failure rate far below the industry norm.

Fixtures used in project:

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