GUV Sterilization System

UV-C/GUV (Germicidal Ultra-Violet) is an invisible light wave deep within the UV spectrum between 100-280nm (UV-C). It is a wavelength proven to destroy the DNA/RNA of Microorganisms quickly leaving them sterile, and rapidly killing them. Studies show wavelengths from 254-276nm, with the peak at 262nm has the quickest effect and the widest spectrum of microorganisms eradicating capabilities.

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UV Sterilization Chamber

This new microorganism decontamination chamber uses the latest and quickest form of rapid disinfectant available on the market anywhere. It is a size that makes it small enough to be moved from one location to another or to permanently be left in place on a shelf or table for easy access, while large enough to be of real usefulness. It can be used in emergency and surgical rooms, and any other health-related facility, to be used to decontaminate surgical and other medical tools and instruments, face masks, shields, communication devices (phones, radios, ‘talkies, etc), or any other devices that can be placed within the large 8 cubic foot inner space. It measures 2’ x 2’ x 2’ square. It is designed with an instant emergency shut-off in case someone accidentally tries to open the chamber prior to the sanitizing function completing. It has a built-in timer so the system does not continue working beyond the required timeframe, saving power, and maximizing system lifespan. It incorporates 4 inner levels to place 2 round rod metal slides for additional placement options for anything to be cleansed. Finally, GUV sterilization is simply designed with UV-C emitting from all sides making this system very efficient, highly effective, incredibly quick, adaptable, and convenient.


  • Large Model: 2’X2’X4’, 16 ft³ GUV sterilization chamber, with wheeled mobility option, is being evaluated at present (Standard Model: 2’x2’x2’. 8 ft³ GUV sterilization chamber.)


  • 8 ft³ standard and Large 16 ft³ model available coming soon

  • 360 of sterilization power

  • 265nm UV wavelength

  • Automatic shut off when opened

  • Lightweight, mobile. Small enough to be mounted on shelves and tables.

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